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The Wymiarki Glassworks POLEN

The Wymiarki Glassworks POLEN

The Wymiarki Glassworks POLEN

ul. Ksiecia Witolda 11

68-131 Wymiarki

tel. 68 360 44 50

tel./fax: 68 360 44 60

tel. mobil. 691 505 323


tel./fax:  68 360 44 68



The Wymiarki Glassworks is situated in southwestern part of Żaganski district next to international route A-4 from Wroclaw to Berlin. Most people of our district work in glassworks.

Tradition of the glassworks has begun in Middle Ages. The art of glass processing has been improved for years and in 1657 our glassworks came into existence. The owner of Żaganskie Duchy - Wacław Euzebiusz von Lobkovitz was the founder. The establishment of the glassworks caused the improvement of glass trade in this region, thanks to quartz sand (silica) as main raw material for commercial glass production. It the end of the 17th century glassmakers could not leave the territory of Lower Silesia because products of this field were precious all over the Europe.

In a such small village like Wymiarki worked five glassworks in that days, producing clear and colored glass: jars, bottles, feeding bottles, flasks, lampshades for paraffine lamps and many others.

After the merge of two glassworks “Hadrian” and “Augusta”, one and big glasswork came into existence. The Wymiarki Glassworks, joint stock company, continues the old tradition. Till 1988 it was a part of Żagańskie Huty Szkła (Żagańskie Glassworks), since then, big changes and transformations in the country let our company privatize, first as a limited liability company and after that as a joint stock company.

The Wymiarki Glassworks is a company with family capital, is a leader of jars for food and agricultural industry and grave lights glass containers.